“After working for a lifetime in this new field I am conscious that the knowledge gained is but a beginning…my experience may one day be recognized as a signpost directing the explorer to a country hitherto ‘undiscovered,’ and one which offers unlimited opportunity for fruitful research to the patient and observant pioneer.”
F. Matthias Alexander

Alexander Technique BlogsThe blogs compiled here are the work of some of these explorers and observant pioneers. They contain a wealth of practical learning suggestions that can benefit everyone in the Alexander community – from a complete beginner to a teacher with years of experience.  Bringing all this information together in one place is the purpose of this blog.

Beginning students have access to a wealth of practical help and information. Alexander Technique teachers and serious students are able to explore the new ideas and perspectives found here. And people who are considering lessons can get some idea of what to expect. Indeed, the interactive nature of many the blogs makes them ideal sources of help for anyone who would like to benefit from Alexander’s discoveries, but cannot find a teacher in their area, or who have limited access to a teacher.

Imogen Ragone, Alexander Technique Teacher, Website Designer, BloggerAlexander Technique Blogs is run and maintained by Imogen Ragone, who took ownership of the site in March 2013. Imogen began teaching the Alexander Technique in 2006, and quickly realized she needed a website to effectively promote her practice. After creating her own site, Imogen started designing attractive and effective websites for other Alexander Technique teachers – over forty in the last four years for teachers on three continents. She now primarily uses WordPress, which gives her customers the ability to easily edit content themselves, and of course is the perfect platform to host a blog. (Visit www.AlexanderTechniqueWebsites.net for more information.) Imogen began blogging regularly about the Alexander Technique toward the end of 2011 and is also active on social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter, but also LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. She is passionate about using the web as a tool to promote the Alexander Technique and gain a wider audience for our work, and seeks to do so as efficiently, effectively and engagingly as possible. Early in 2012 she created the Alexander Technique Blogs Facebook Group to support the growing number people blogging about the Technique, and to specifically encourage commenting on these blogs. Taking over this site was a natural extension of this.

Robert Rickover, Alexander Technique Teacher, Website Hosting ProviderAlexander Technique Blogs was originally created by Robert Rickover. Robert has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 30 years, and was one of the first Alexander teachers to successfully use the web. He is creator of The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique and a number of other Alexander Technique websites including, BodyLearningCast.com, a site devoted to Alexander Technique podcasts, and most recently AlexTechExpress.com, a mobile-friendly addition to the Complete Guide. Robert blogs and uses social media, Twitter and Facebook in particular, to promote the Technique. He also offers personalized website hosting for Alexander Technique teachers at AlexTechHost.com and will continue to be involved in Alexander Technique Blogs in a supporting role.

“Blog Definition Magnifier” image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net