Blog of the Week: The Alexander Technique and the Starbucks Slump

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The Alexander Technique and the Starbucks Slump!Got my own small table by a window. I saw the usual array of cell phones, tablets, laptops, and slumping people. People collapse towards devices as if they’re bowing down to them. It’s the Alexander Technique in reverse, the Alexander Technique backwards, the Alexander Technique gone terribly wrong.

There was a young woman, tall, sitting on a bench, impossibly stooped over her laptop and her grande caramel mocha frappuwhatever. The table was considerably too low for her, (or the bench too high), and she didn’t know how to deal with it. She was unaware and didn’t care.

Down the line (if no posture improvement through the Alexander Technique,) what might this young woman be coping with?

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