Blog of the Week: A Pain in the Neck

 Originally posted May 17, 2015 by Eve Bernfeld.

9a8441_0d829afaacc2463392e159b79bb7ab74.jpg_srb_p_640_492_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbParenting can be a challenge.  Do I win “understatement of the year” for that statement?  Is the prize chocolate?

I have a little game I have been playing with myself lately when I feel the steam about to pour out of my ears, because of a poop-covered baby writhing on the changing table, refusing to let me change him, or a child waking up yet again in the night, when I was just starting to doze, or a house so jammed with houseguests it’s hard to get from room to room:  I tell myself “I can be as frustrated (or anxious or angry or whatever) as I want, but I can’t tighten my neck.”  So I free my neck, and I no longer allow my shoulders and ears to kiss (i.e. I let my shoulders release down and my head release up) and I attempt to carry on in this fashion.  Of course the trick of the game is that it is impossible to experience that level of frustration, anxiety or anger without tightening the neck.  Free the neck and the rest will follow.


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