Blog of the Week: A Simple Tool for Centering Yourself: My “Spatial Litany”

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The Art of Freedom for Musicians with Jennifer Roig-FrancoliIn my last post, I wrote about simplifying life by becoming aware of our Being, and living from there with Non-Doing.

We can remind ourselves to come back to Being – centering ourselves again and again and again – in so many ways. Here’s my latest simple key. I’m calling it my “spatial litany”. It goes like this:

Neck free.

Feet to the ground.

Sky above.

Everything wide.

Again….even simpler:





When you’re thinking these words, don’t think “about” them so much, but let your awareness float gently and with meaning to the spatial areas denoted by the words. Simply “touch” your neck, feet, and sky with the feather-touch of your awareness. When you get to the word “wide”, let your whole body expand-dissolve-evaporate-melt subtly into the space on all sides around you. Don’t try hard – just imagine and wonder for a moment, then move onto the next idea. Don’t stay with any idea for too long – keep it SIMPLE!

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