Blog of the Week: A Technique for Learning “To Do”

Originally posted by Victoria Stanham on May 24, 2013 at

Among the most tangible and long lasting benefits that the Alexander Technique has afforded me there is the “learning to do”.

To do what? Well, “to do” simply, anything.

Before finding the AT I used to believe that there were some things that I “couldn’t do”. My excuses for “not doing” were several: I don’t have the talent, I don’t have the strength, I wasn’t born for this, I don’t have the body for this, I’m too short for this, I don’t have enough energy for this, etc.

Today I know that several of the things that I wouldn’t allow myself to even try to do (so as not to disappoint myself) are within my reach if I dare try them. Perhaps I won’t do them like a pro, but I can do them; I may take longer to accomplish them than he or she who has the “adequate” strength, ability, talent or body for the activity, but I can do them anyway; and, above all else, perhaps I don’t reach my goal in the expected or imagined way, but reach it I do!

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