Blog of the Week: Are you writhing with wrist pain?

Originally posted on March 10, 2015 by Mastaneh Nazarian

250px-Nerves_of_the_left_upper_extremityThe littlest bones of the human body are inside the ear.

But there are a set of small bones that make up a section of our body also referred to as the ‘wrist’.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is one of the conditions affecting the wrist area and causes much pain and discomfort.

In the blog I will attempt to clarify some the kinaesthetic language that underlies the explanation of CTS.  This may prove useful towards clarifying our mental image of how the wrist functions as part of the rest of our structure.  By gaining more clarity, we can then take useful measures to avoid or move towards recovering from CTS and other common conditions of the wrist area.

Firstly, if you are experiencing tingling sensations in your hand or wrist that may be shooting up the rest of your arm, please seek medical advise.  As there are many contributing factors aside from overuse.  That being said, most musicians who suffer from CTS have found that by investigating their movement habits, they have been able to overcome CTS.

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