Blog of the Week: Core Strength

Originally posted by Lindsay Newitter on February 5, 2014 at

apple core.jpg“Hey, apple, that’s your stem lifting that weight, not your core.”

Are you using your core muscles to do core strengthening exercises or are other muscles getting in the way?

Let’s rephrase that question.  Are you allowing  your core muscles to work or are other muscles getting in the way?

Your core muscles are really deep.  From the perspective of the Alexander Technique, we would call them “postural support” muscles.  These are muscles that you don’t have a lot of direct control over in terms of using them to mover your self around.  If you’re staying upright, they are working.  They could probably work better.

What’s getting in the way?

Habits of overusing more exterior muscles, such as the muscles in the back of the neck, the shoulders, the armpits, and inner parts of the upper arms, and the fronts of the thighs prevent the deep core muscles from doing their job.

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