Blog of the Week: Full Stretch

Originally posted on August 21, 2013 by Karen Evans

I want to share with you an Alexander Technique trap. I’ve been watching a procession of my students falling into it; enough to make me realise how common it is.

58 full stretch pic1

You could call this trap the ‘Full Stretch’ trap. Or maybe ‘The Last Little Bit’ trap, because that’s when it happens – when you are coming to the furthest extent of a particular movement. It could be reaching up, reaching forward, or twisting. Doesn’t really matter, the trap is still there waiting for the unwary.

It works like this…

At the start of the movement all goes easily. The student’s Alexander thinking is good, their movement is good. Then they reach a point where it stops being easy; but they still need to go further.

It requires more effort.

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