Blog of the Week: Mama Mechanics (For Dads and other caretakers too!)

Originally posted by Eve Bernfeld in Hike it Baby on August 20, 2015

Getting onto the trail with baby is a wonderful thing!  It’s good for everyone to get outside. Walking, or better yet, hiking, with my littles always raises my spirits and they love being outside.  But these benefits quickly evaporate if hiking with baby is uncomfortable or even painful.

eve-alexander-technique-084A5050As a certified Alexander Technique teacher, I help people learn to use their bodies better.  I think of the work as operating instructions for the human organism that help us improve our movement and posture, prevent (or recover from) pain and injury, and manage stress better.  People often come to me and want to blame their discomfort on what they do (“I spend all day at the computer, so my shoulders are rounded.” Or “I have a really heavy toddler and lifting him makes my back hurt.”).  I always try to impress upon them that it’s not what we do but how we do it that matters.  So in this blog I’m going to attempt to address the mechanics of baby wearing and strollering in a way that will help you spend your time enjoying the outdoors with your baby, rather than wishing this parenting thing didn’t hurt.

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