Blog of the Week: Mind and Body go to Couple’s Therapy

Originally posted by Robert Rickover on September 8, 2015 at

One day Mind and Body were having a chat about the challenges of their relationship.  Body was annoyed that Mind had wandered while they were walking down the street, causing Body to hit a lamp post.

“If you hadn’t put all you attention on that dog across the street – and, I might add, the dog’s owner! – I wouldn’t have this huge bruise on my forehead.”

“Well Body,” replied Mind, “sometimes I think I spend my whole life looking after you. Last night I just wanted to chill out and watch a little TV, and before the show ended I realized you’d eaten a full quart of ice cream.  We’re both still feeling the effects of that.”

“OK Mind, what do you suggest we do about these problems?  You’re supposed to be the smart one.  I just do stuff.”

“I’ve been thinking about it for awhile Body, and I recently came upon a possible solution.”

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