Blog of the Week: My Top Eleven Best Practices to Improve Your Alexander Technique Skills

Best PracticesIn this blog I share my top eleven (yes eleven, not ten!) best practices for learning the Alexander Technique. The list comprises all the things I do myself to sustain and move forward with my own Alexander Technique skills. My students who most successfully use the Alexander Technique in their own lives do many of these things too. People who are taking, or have taken, lessons or classes in the Alexander Technique, will find this particularly helpful. Many of the practices, however, will be useful to anyone wanting to learn more about the Technique. Better still, most cost nothing and take up virtually no time, as you practice the Alexander Technique doing things you would be doing anyway!

  1. Cultivate Awareness
    In your Alexander Technique lessons you are learning to be aware of habits of posture, tension and reaction that you were probably unaware of before. You may also be becoming familiar with some basic anatomy as it relates to how you move and coordinate yourself (e.g. your hip joints, sitting bones, head balance, and so forth). Start cultivating the habit of noticing what you are doing with yourself: notice your feet on the ground, tune in to the balance of your head at the top of your spine, become aware of your breathing, of your back, your sitting bones, your knees, your hip joints. Starting to notice what we are actually doing with ourselves in the moment is the first step toward real change. It is in this pause that we can reevaluate our situation, and choose a different course of action if desired. And of course you can practice this anywhere, doing anything – driving the car, waiting in line, sitting at your desk…

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