Blog of the Week: Practicing the Alexander Technique – It’s All About Thinking!

Original posted on October 2, 2013 by Imogen Ragone

thinkingI teach the Alexander Technique, which can be described as a set of skills that you learn to enable you to release tension and organize your body in a way that improves your posture and enhances freedom of movement. What you learn could be characterized by the word “poise.”

To make progress when learning the Technique, as with any other skill, my students must practice. But, the Alexander Technique is not a set of exercises. Rather, we can apply the Alexander Technique to anything we do. So what exactly am I asking my students to practice?

What I’m asking them to practice is awareness and THINKING, and most especially what can be called “thinking in activity.” Using Alexander terms, we are practicing inhibiting and directing – that is pausing to let go of habitual way of doing things, and giving ourselves constructive mental messages, such as, “My neck is free,” or “I am not compressing myself,” which encourage an improved coordination in whatever we are doing.

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