Blog of the Week: Shoulder Surgery, Alexander Technique, Physical Therapy and a Ski Pole

Originally posted by Julie Rothschild on July 10, 2014 at

Julie Rothschild lying down in Constructive Rest

Lying down prior to PT helps.

I’m 2 weeks out. Biceps tenodesis, distal clavicle excision, subacromial decompression. Rotator cuff was fine. Phew. My first day of PT was 5 days post-op and I wouldn’t let her move my arm more than a few inches away from my body. The pain was extraordinary and my fear of that pain was even more extraordinary.

What do we tend to do in the face of fear, and fear of pain? Freeze up. And that’s what I did every time she even hinted at moving my arm. She was super kind about it all. Her suggestion that I take a pain pill before my next appointment was well heeded. It helped immensely.

My lack of mobility and very limited range of motion was mostly coming out of my fear of pain. That first day of PT was such a lesson. I didn’t even have to feel pain to send my system into startle. Anticipation is all it took. Now I’m singing Carly Simon.

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