Blog of the Week: Some Helpful Words About Finding Your Creative Voice

Originally posted by Bill Plake on April 24, 2013 at

“Listen very deeply to the music that touches your heart the most, analyze it and learn all you can about it. Then forget everything and be yourself.”

-Paul Livingstone

This simple bit of advice rings so true to me, both as performing artist and as teacher. It is a direct quote from one of my Alexander Technique students. Paul is an amazing musician. He is a highly accomplished sitarist, touring regularly throughout the world, most recently finishing up a two-month performance stint in India.

A true scholar of Indian classical music, he also teaches, composes, and passionately and generously shares his knowledge and his love of music. During his lessons with me, we go very deeply into how our thinking, movement, intentions, emotions (and even our spiritual beliefs) interact to inform our music making process.

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