Blog of the Week: Space . . . The Posture Frontier

Originally posted by Lindsay Newitter on August 28, 2014 at

Take a moment to think about the various spaces that you spend your day in both indoors and outdoors. Are they vast? Confined? Cluttered? Open? Some combination of some or all of these?

The spaces that we frequent have an effect on our well-being and I’m sure quite a bit could be said on this topic from a variety of perspectives. I’m going to look at it from the perspective of posture, specifically relating to how the eyes are affected, and in turn the rest of the body and the mind.

Living in a large city, I encounter a fair number of relatively confined spaces, or at least spaces that are more confined compared to what I became accustomed to as a child growing up in the suburbs. Sitting in Prospect Park in Brooklyn looking out on a vast (for New York!) open lawn and then back at my blank screen, thinking about what to write, feeling a little stumped, this topic came to mind as I gazed back across the lawn. Spending time in a space that is more open than what I’m used to gives me a sense of taking up more space. One thing that I note in particular is the effect that the expanse before me has on my eyes. Being able to gaze far ahead feels like an opportunity to give my eyes a rest. It’s relaxing and has a softening effect on the muscles in my neck, back and shoulders. Softening those muscles helps me to decompress and release up to my full height and width and to breathe more fully. I feel like have more space to think and to think differently, perhaps more creatively.

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