Blog of the Week – Stop the Busy-ness and Be More Productive Part 1: Multi-tasking versus Single-tasking

Stop the Busy-ness and Be More Productive - Multi-tasking versus Single-taskingOriginally posted March 22, 2015 by Imogen Ragone.

Most people these days are busy – VERY busy. For women in business we’re not only dealing with the many and various jobs necessary to do our work; more often than not home and family, children and parents are competing for our attention too.

The most prevalent response to this busy-ness is multitasking, which is the perfect subject for the first in a series of posts I have lined up on busy-ness and productivity.

We’ve become a multitasking society. The constant calls for our attention, not least of which come from our devices beeping and alerting us to every email, text, and message notification that comes our way, exacerbate this and further distract us from the task (or tasks!) at hand.

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