Blog of the Week: The Alexander Technique Goes To Charm School

Originally posted on September 24, 2014 by Karen Evans at

The Alexander Technique Goes to Charm School by Karen EvansCan charm be taught?

Hmmm. Difficult one.  Most of us would struggle even to define what it is, although we know it when we meet it.  Is it purely natural talent – something you are either born with or live without?

According to author Stephen Bayley it can be taught. He has a clear idea what the course would look like:-

If we taught charm at school it would involve several different courses. First would be critical perception. How do you analyse your responses to a person or a place? Second would be situational analysis – the critical path through the circumstances you find yourself in.

Third, a masterclass in literacy and articulacy. It’s essential to know how to use words because charm is never mute. Find good words and use them well. Finally, anxiety management. Charmers are many different things, but they are always attractively… relaxed. And this is a quality they confer happily on all in their circle…

Charm is an essential tool for survival in the worlds of business and love. In personal life it makes everything more pleasant. In business life, it makes you more effective. (*)

But, of course, this is an Alexander Technique blog. So try re-reading that extract, and substitute the word ‘charm’ with the words ‘Alexander Technique’(). Interesting, isn’t it?

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