Blog of the Week: The Wonder of Movin’ on up

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Mastaneh NazarianIf you sense pain at the base of your neck while you’re working on the computer, consider yourself lucky! Your inclusive awareness or your ability to ‘listen’ to other sensations outside of what is in front of you on the screen is working for you!

If you where totally ‘concentrating’ your system would be blocking out the discomfort until it would be too late and some kind of nerve damage would keep you off work or lead to strain injury.

To undo the pain you may choose to practice the practical art of ‘active listening’.

Again, it’s going back to basics:
Notice the sensation,
Choose to work constructively,
Allow for space and don’t judge what you just did!

Click here to read more. (Tip: Try clicking the page when you get there, and see what happens! And do listen to the song at the end – very ‘up’lifting 🙂 )

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