Blog of the Week: Unhelpful, habitual thought-patterns can be stopped with Alexander Technique

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I just finished teaching an Alexander lesson to a student who is learning about some of her habitual ways of thinking which interfere with the sense of freedom that she would like to have in her life.

Instead of compiling a list during her lesson to reminder her of what some of these thought-patterns might be, we decided to do some more hands-on work at the table, and I said I’d post the list in my blog, as it might also be useful for others to read about.  So….here it is:

Some “Red-flag” phrases that can alert us to notice when we are thinking in a habitual, unhelpful way:

– I’ll try, I’m trying (implies effort)

– but (implies contradiction, argument, conflict, fight, tension) (good substitutes: “and” or “I wonder if…”)

– I can’t (implies limitation, restriction)

– I’m not allowed to (implies limitation, restriction)

– I’m supposed to (implies obligation, lack of freedom of choice)

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