Blog of the Week: Vocal Suicide? Who Me?

Originally posted by Fay Putnam on January 15, 2014 at

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Are you committing vocal suicide? If you wonder about this question, glance at the following list of common sensory and auditory symptoms.

  1. Progressive voice fatigue following brief or extended voice usage
  2. Rapid voice fatigue
  3. A feeling that talking/singing is an effort
  4. Tension or tightness in the throat
  5. Acute or chronic hoarseness
  6. Reduced vocal range
  7. Tone change from clear voice to breathy, raspy, or rough voice
  8. Repeated loss of voice

If one notices these symptoms persistently, it would be wise to see a voice professional and have a thorough laryngeal examination.  An Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor can examine and will advise.  Once cleared of any pathological problem, a voice therapist, voice teacher or Alexander Technique professional can help restore your voice to it’s resounding quality.

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