Blog of the Week: Would You Be Rushing If You Were Royalty?

Originally posted February 18, 2015 by Jennifer Roig-Francoli


Would you be rushing around if…?

Here’s an imagination exercise for you, which you might want to think about in conjunction with the podcast ideas on centering that I wrote about in my last blogpost. (Podcast link: Living with Ease at the Center of Everything – Jennifer interviewed by Robert Rickover.)

If you were the “good king or queen” in a fairy tale, would you be rushing around from here to there to get things done and to fulfill everyone else’s expectations, or would you give yourself the time required to be centered and do things regally, with full consciousness, paying adequate attention to detail, and delegating things that you were not required to do?

What if you were the king or queen about to go onstage in front of your adoring subjects? Would you rush out there, making yourself small with hurry, or would you allow yourself to expand to take up all the space you need, letting yourself be calm and centered – at the center of the universe – letting the world do its rushing around you while you remain unaffected?

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Blog of the Week: Would You Be Rushing If You Were Royalty? — 1 Comment

  1. Jennifer – Point well taken. Political and cultural considerations aside, we could all take a page from the royal handbook and adapt it to our own lives in a more conscious manner. It is true that royalty (and the very wealthy – think “Downton Abbey”) have other people taking care of their basic needs while most of us do not. But it is worth considering how we can make our days less about rushing compressively from task to task, barely being in the moment and more about savoring the flow of our movements. If we applied the royal nervous system to ourselves (even without all the royal help), what would that be like? Would we get as much ‘done’? We don’t know unless we practice it with curiosity. Chin chin!

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