Expect the Unexpected

Originally posted by Karen Evans on November 28, 2013 at ashbyalexandertechnique.wordpress.com/blog.

If you’ve ever had lessons, you will know what the Alexander Technique does for you.  Even if you’ve just read up on it, there are certain things that people talk about and write about all the time.  Better posture, less pain, more relaxation, easier movement.  There’s a good reason for this: these are the hallmark benefits of the Technique.

But every now and again, lessons throw up something unexpected.

This week I was chatting to one of the ladies in my latest beginner’s class.  She loves the Technique.  It’s given her something she’s been looking for a long time – a way to change her movement and get rid of her stoop.  Already this is good.  Then she casually mentioned, ‘Oh, and I’ve stopped getting palpitations as well.’

Palpitations?  Wow!

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