This page has links to Alexander Technique Blogs in Finnish, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegan, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Andrea Bolzoni’s blog is in Italian. Based in Milan, Andrea is both an Alexander Technique teacher and a musician. He writes posts introducing the Alexander Technique in general, as well as about applying Alexander principles to specific situations.

Técnica Alexander São Paulo by Eleni Vosniadou (Portuguese and English). This is the first Alexander Technique blog in Portuguese. Eleni has a musical background in percussion and currently lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

Victoria Stanham’s Blog is mostly in Spanish with some articles in English. In it she explores the Alexander Technique as a holistic approach to Life and how the application of its principles directly impacts our self-image and hence our entire outlook on life.

Alexander-Technik-Blog by Michael Schuerks, a teacher in Berlin (mostly in German, some English) contains interesting material and provocative quotes for F. M. Alexander and other famous teachers.

Stefanie’s Blog by Stefanie Buller, a teacher in Bremen, Germany (German and English) explores various aspects of the Technique, especially running, cello playing and bliss of movement.

tasapaino-blog by Daniel Mihajlovic. a teacher in Savonlinna, Finland, contains descriptions and reflections of several aspects of the Technique – mostly in Finnish.

Alexander-tekniikka Turku Blog (in Finnish) by Turo Vuorenpuro, a teacher in Turku, Finland, explores different aspects of the Technique in relation to work, sport, social life, everyday situations and our well-being.

Turun Alexander-Tekniikka  (in Finnish) by Marja Krappe, a teacher in Turku, Finland explores various aspects of the technique and trying to help people to understand the Technique better.

alexander-bloggen by Halvard Heggdal, a teacher in Oslo, skriver på norsk om Alexanderteknikken og aktuelle temaer.

Alexander-Technik lernen (in German) von Daniel Mihajlovic, Lehrer in Savonlinna, Finnland, schreibt über verschieden Aspekte der Alexander-Technik, Anleitungen, Buchbesprechungen und es gibt ein ebook zum herunterladen.

metodo alexander (in Spanish and English) por Patricia Hayward, profesora  en Argentina, con artìculos sobre la  tècnica alexander en general y su aplicaciòn a distintas actividades

BodyChance Studio (Japan) Blog – アレクサンダー・テクニークのスタジオBODYCHANCEの最新情報や、プロコースでの学び、アレクサンダー・テクニークの視点からみた人の様々な動きについて伝えています。

Técnica Alexander para músicos Anne Landa, a teacher in Madrid and in Basque Country, Spain (mostly in Spanish, some English) writes about the Alexander Technique and musicians.

Présence d’Esprit Corps & Technique Alexander (French) by Claire de Obaldia, an Alexander Technique teacher in Paris, France, is a blog about mindfulness in activity, and how Alexander gives us a practical tool to explore the connection between pulling ourselves off center mentally and physically.