Blog of the Week: The Alexander Technique: Creating Opportunities for Change

Originally posted on October 1, 2015  by Heidi Leathwood “Human activity is primarily a process of reacting unceasingly to stimuli received from within or without the self.” —Frederick Matthias Alexander, The Use of the Self More than 120 years ago, … Continue reading

Blog of the Week: The Alexander Technique Connection

Originally posted by Mark Josefsberg on January 22, 2015 at I was recently reading two books, and coincidentally they both referenced asthmatic attacks—with differing approaches for relief. The first book was “Explaining the Alexander Technique—The writings of F. Mathias Alexander—In … Continue reading

Blog of the Week: Freedom of the wrists is an emblem of love

Originally posted by Alan Bowers on April 24, 2014 at Let us now praise famous men, three of them: F. M. Alexander, the discoverer of the Alexander Technique, his follower Patrick Macdonald, and Albert Lee Bowers. Now, that last man, … Continue reading

Blog of the Week: The Alexander Technique-It Is What It Isn’t

Originally posted on Feb 20, 2014 by Mark Josefsberg at What isn’t the Alexander Technique? Here’s some of what the Alexander Technique isn’t: It isn’t yoga, Pilates, Reiki, or chiropractic. It’s not physical therapy or acupuncture, and it’s not Feldenkrais. It’s not religion, meditation, … Continue reading

Blog of the Week: Don’t Be Discouraged by Failure: Tips for a Great Year from Alexander and Caesari

Originally posted by Jennifer Mackerras on January 29, 2014 at This week I’m completing my mini-series inspired by the singing teacher Caesari’s warning to singing students. Let the student beware, however, of three prominent evils: Unbridled enthusiasm which leads to … Continue reading

Blog of the Week: Vocal Suicide? Who Me?

Originally posted by Fay Putnam on January 15, 2014 at Are you committing vocal suicide? If you wonder about this question, glance at the following list of common sensory and auditory symptoms. Progressive voice fatigue following brief or extended voice … Continue reading

Blog of the Week: What does wearing a hot-water-bottle cover as a hat have to do with the Alexander Technique?

Originally posted by Annie Turner on November 7, 2013 at On Sunday I posted this to colleagues on a facebook page: “Just wanted to state my appreciation to FM; the long drive home tonight, wrapped in and fixed rigid by … Continue reading

Blog of the Week: You can Improve Performance by Doing Less

Why it Works, and 4 Tips to Harness its Power Originally posted by Jennifer Mackerras on October 10, 2013 at Have you ever wondered how the truly great artists manage to create their masterpieces? Have you ever listened to Yo-Yo Ma play … Continue reading