Below you will find a selection of blogs written and maintained by Alexander Technique Teachers.  These provide not only great introductions to the Technique and many practical ideas, but also powerful insights into the thinking and experimenting process developed by F. Matthias Alexander, and to some very exciting new developments.

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BodyIntelligence Blog by Imogen Ragone, a teacher in Wilmington, Delaware, explores how Alexander Technique ideas can benefit everyone, and women in particular.

Body Learning Blog by Robert Rickover, a teacher in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada, explores the Alexander Technique and the discoveries of its founder, F. Matthias Alexander.

Mindfulness in Movement Blog by Jonathan Leathwood, a teacher in Denver, Colorado, explores many different Alexander Technique ideas and applications, including classical guitar performance.

Colorado Society for the Alexander Technique has a series of blogs by different teachers based in Colorado, with a special emphasis on the basic principles of the technique.

Poise and Presence:  Life With the Alexander Technique, a blog by Diana McCullough, explores the places where daily life and AT practices/principles intersect.

Activate You Blog by Jennifer Mackerras, a teacher in Bristol, UK, is a weekly exploration of how the Technique can apply to every area of our lives.

Presence and Poise Blog by Jennifer Schulz, an Alexander Technique teacher in Los Angeles, CA, looks at the many ways the Alexander Technique can help people in all sorts of ways and activities.

Ashby Alexander Technique Bite-Size Blog by Karen Evans, a teacher in Ashby de la Zouch in the UK. Karen’s blog provides ideas, motivation and inspiration, delivered in regular bite-size chunks.

The Daily Ease by Kirsten Harris, an Alexander Technique teacher in Scotland, is a fun blog with tips, inspiration, and the occasional poem!

Moving Medicine through Education by Karen Loving, a teacher in Culpeper, Virginia, offers ideas and directions of thought about moving forward in body, mind and spirit to grow into who we are and finding our passion through that reflection!

Alexander Techqnique teacher Angela Bradshaw provides many insights about the Alexander Technique in her blog. She is based in Chobham, Surrey in the UK.

Bill Plake Music by Bill Plake, a teacher in Los Angeles, provides thoughtful Alexander Technique insights, with an emphasis on issues facing musicians.

UpWithGravity by Robert Rickover, a teacher in Lincoln, Nebraska and Toronto, Canada, shows you how to harness the power of gravity to release tension from your body and lighten up.

KickAssMindfulness by Sandra Bain Cushman, is a blog dealing with Alexander Technique, mindfulness and the practical matter of how they fit in to our daily lives.

Alexander Technique teacher Deborah Bayardino has been sharing some thoughts about the Alexander Technique in her blog: News from Deborah Bayardino. She is currently practicing the Alexander Technique in Portland, OR.

Alexander Technique – Learning Effortlessness by Franis Engel, a teacher in Hawaii, features articles and posts that reflect cutting-edge AT ideas, many influenced by the late Marjorie Barstow.

Balance & Harmony Alexander Technique Blog, by Jennifer Roig-Francolí in Ohio, is a simple place for exploring mind-body integrity with an open mind and loving heart, frequently updated with ideas to inspire your daily practice.

Self Kindness is a blog by Annie Turner, an Alexander Technique teacher in Cornwall, England. She writes about her own journey and other ideas about the Alexander Technique and her philosophy of self kindness.

The Alexander Technique Guild of Ohio features blogs from a variety of Alexander Technique teachers, and occasionally from AT students too, on a range of related topics.

Spiral Monkeys by Padmini Menon, a teacher in India, includes reflections on the Technique, on being a new teacher in a new environment, on responses from pupils trying to make sense of unfamiliar ideas and experiences.

Way Opens by Amy Ward Brimmer, a teacher in Newtown, PA contains posts exploring the benefits of the Alexander technique and the process of teaching and learning it, as well as related discoveries and studio events.

Alexander Technique Philadelphia by Ariel Weiss, a teacher in Philadelphia, PA explores the relationship between dynamic thinking and dynamic moving from her investigations with her students as they apply Alexander principles to a wide range of activities.

Embodied Thoughts by Paul Marsh, a teacher in Scotland, includes a mix of personal reflections and how-to articles on applying the technique to different aspects of life.

Forward and Up! by Ellen Stafford in Pittsburgh explores concepts, quotes and current events from the world of the Alexander Technique in bite-size, easy-to-digest segments.

Mornum Time – a blog for teachers and students of the Alexander Technique by Jerry Sontag, a teacher and training course director in Berkeley, California. It provides a forum to discuss questions about teaching and learning.

Applied Alexander Blog by Dana Ben-Yehuda, a teacher in Mountain View, California, offers stories and observations about the Technique.

The Posture Police Blotter by Lindsay Newitter, a teacher in New York City, is blowing the whistle on what good posture really is while employing humor, insight, and a hint of the absurd to examine topics, articles, videos, as well as images she captures around the city.

UpwardThought by John Hunter, an Alexander Technique teacher and trainer in London, UK is a blog with Ideas, insights and questions – practical and philosophical – about the Alexander Technique.

Synergistic Movement – A Realistic Target, by Lutz Golbs, a teacher in Sydney, Australia examines a variety of applications for the Alexander Technique, and offers some insights about the concepts and methods developed by FM Alexander.

The Alexander Technique Blog by Tanya Shoop, a teacher in South London & the City, UK, contains thoughts and practical ideas on the Alexander Technique.

Habit & Choice by Beret Arcaya, a New York City teacher of the Technique, shares insights and observations from her 30 years of teaching the Alexander Technique.

Balance Arts Center Blog by Ann Rodiger, a New York City teacher of the Technique, presents weekly posts exploring all aspects of the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique Career Success by Jeremy Chance, who in Japan runs the largest AT Teacher Education School in the world, and his blog is devoted to sharing his free advice to AT teachers on how to make a financial success.

Alexander Technique Blog by Mark Josefsberg, a New York City teacher, contains a wide variety of of posts on the Alexander Technique.

Rediscover Ease, a blog by Mastaneh Nazarian who teaches in Melbourne, Australia, is a mixture of personal reflections and practical tips on how the AT process can teach us to rediscover ease of movement and thinking in both daily and specialized pursuits.

Alexander Technique Blog by Penny O’Connor, a teacher in central London, contains her doings and musings.

, a blog by Jeanne Barrett, a teacher in Seattle, Washington, contains material about applying the Alexander Technique to injury recovery, based on personal experience.

AlexanderPlus, a blog by James Crow, a teacher in Manchester, UK, exploring the benefits of Alexander Technique lessons.

Riding Between Heaven and Earth by Debra Crampton, a New York City teacher of the Technique, contains a large collection of Alexander-related posts about horseback riding and other topics.  Debra was strongly influenced by the late Marjorie Barstow.

Lessons from the Chair by Richard Casebow, an Alexander Technique teacher in Edinburgh, Scotland, explores many key Alexander Technique principles in his blog.

The Alexander Technique Studio Blog by Lauren Hill, an Alexander Technique teacher in St. Paul, Minnesota, explores how the Alexander Technique approaches posture in a different way than most of us are used to.

Mind Body Presence & Alexander Technique by Claire de Obaldia, an Alexander Technique teacher in Paris, France, is a blog about mindfulness in activity, and how Alexander gives us a practical tool to explore the connection between pulling ourselves off center mentally and physically.

NYC Alexander Technique by Jeffrey Glazer, an Alexander Technique teacher in New York City, covers interesting topics related to the Alexander Technique, as well as tips for successfully applying it to one’s life.

Alexander Technique Blog by Rachel Bernsen, an Alexander Technique teacher in New Haven, CT, looks at many different aspects of the Alexander Technique.

Find Articles on the Alexander Technique at this blog by Jeremy Woolhouse, an Alexander Technique teacher in Melbourne, Australia.

Pain Free Music Blog by Joseph Arnold, an Alexander Technique teacher in Philadelphia, PA, is especially for musicians interested in how the Alexander Technique can help them.

Sound Direction Blog by Meagan Johnson, an Alexander Technique teacher in Indianapolis, explores applications of the Alexander Technique to a wide range of human experiences, from daily life to music performance and beyond.

Alexander Technique Lessons Blog by Alexander teacher Marcus Sly explores the Technique from a pupil’s perspective.

Unwinding Patterns is a blog by Australian AT teacher, Anne Carroll, who writes about her experience and explorations with the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Stories is by Sheila Christie, who teaches the Alexander Technique in London.  Through observations of life in the city she explores and explains how we move and use our bodies.

Hilary King maintains her Alexander Technique blog at It contains a mix of news about her teaching practice blended with her observations of the application of the technique in everyday life.
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